Top 10 Most Memorable Cardo-Carmen scenes

FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano is a very complex story with its protagonist, Cardo, having many love interests through the course of the show. But the one love team we admired the most was Cardo-Carmen. Coco Martin and Bela Padilla had a great chemistry that enabled them to bring their character’s relationship so beautiful on the screen.


Even when they did not end up together, I still think that they would make a good couple. FYI: Carmen was Cardo’s eventual wife in the original Ang Probinsyano Movie. Let’s reminisce together the most memorable scenes of Cardo and Carmen.

1 . A Promise: Even when he pretends to be his brother, Ador, Cardo promises Carmen that he will take care of them. “Pangako ko sayo, babawi ako…”

2. Cardo’s New Life: Cardo Meets Carmen for the first time.

3. Expressive: How do you react to your late twin brother’s hot wife who thinks that you are him? Awkwardness overload.

4. Carmen, Junior Leave Cardo: Carmen can’t take Ador’s (Cardo) secretiveness any more so she and Junior leave him.

5. “Hindi ako ang asawa mo.”: Carmen feels real heartbreak when she learns Cardo’s real identity. Ikaw ba naman, niloko ka, pinawala ka na buhay pa ang asawa mo pero patay na pala? Ano pa ba and ibang mararamdaman mo sa ganung sitwasyon?
6. Ador’s grave: Carmen and Cardo meet again as they visit Ador in the cemetery.

7. Carmen is now safe: What girl wouldn’t love a hunk in black leather jackets, dark hair and expressive eyes as her knight in shining armor? I know I wouldn’t. And so does Carmen.


8. Carmen and Cardo’s friendship: Could this be the start of something more?

9. “Is Carmen ready to forgive?”: Carmen starts to realize that she feels something more for Cardo. #Cocobel

10. Carmen asks for help: This is her heartbreaking last cry for help before she died. Prepare for lots and lots of tissues.

Although there are many other Cardo-Carmen scenes in the teleserye, Ang Probinsyano, these are for us, the best memorable ones. #COCOBEL for life!

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