The Benefits of Microsoft Certification Exams for College Students

For college students, Microsoft certification exam benefits are two fold. Of course, professional certification exams are a good career move regardless of when you complete them, but passing exams prior to graduation gives you a more impressive resume even before you have much in the way of work experience to list with your credentials. Anything that makes you a more attractive job candidate will make you stand out from the crowd, and achieving Microsoft certification or even completing a few exams toward a certification before you finish your degree will certainly meet your goals.

The other main benefit of Microsoft certification exams for college students is the fact that passing an exam can actually earn you college credit. Not only are you building a stronger resume by besting a difficult exam from one of the most prominent technologies used in the business world, but you will actually be furthering your educational goals as well. Certification exams from Microsoft are accredited by the American Council of Education and as such may be counted for college credit for students working on their degree in IT or a related field.

If you decide to pursue Microsoft certification before you graduate from college or simply want to get a head start on your certification path by taking a couple of Microsoft exams, then you’ll want to stage yourself for success by using a good exam prep service like With practice exam resources and extensive tutorials, this service is among the best for honing your skills and increasing your knowledge before sitting for your professional exams.

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