Love and Lies Ending: Edward’s Confession

Here’s the uber kilig ending of the romance-suspense series ‘Love and Lies’. This is the moment Edward-Denise fanatics are waiting for!

We’re hoping to see more of Richard Gutierrez and Bela Padilla in the future!

Catching Up with Bela Padilla


GMA Network recently sat down with Bela Padilla to catch up. The action-romance series Love and Lies is set to end soon. Our dear princess, who plays the role of Denise Salvador, reveals that she learned a lot from her character and she is set to shoot a new film.

Confrontation Scene of Denise and Cathy

Cathy (Michelle Madrigal) is back in ‘Love and Lies’. As expected, she is giving Denise (Bela Padilla) a hard time by accusing her of several things. This is the first of the many confrontation scenes of the two leading ladies of Richard Gutierrez. Which side are you on?