Bela Padilla as Analyn Ocampo in ‘Point of Entry’

Bela Padilla will play the role of Analyn Ocampo in the Singaporean action series “Point of Entry”.

Here’s an excerpt:

Point Of Entry (Sr 4)
Premieres Thursday 26 Dec 2013, 8:00pm
14 episodes

After a ratings-record breaking third season, Channel 5’s thriller drama Point of Entry returns with even more stories and cases that dominate the headlines in Singapore — from illegal immigrants, human trafficking, contraband smuggling, maid abuse, scam syndicates — exploring social issues faced by Singaporeans while highlighting the importance of our border security. These stories aim to foster an informed society, including news, information, analysis of current events that increase understanding of the region, while promoting family values, community spirit and fostering greater social cohesiveness, instilling confidence in our law enforcement system.

New threats and villains appear in this season, as Team Epsilon takes on a new international syndicate based in the Philippines that will not stop at any means to perpetuate their heinous activities: human trafficking and drugs smuggling.

Leader Glenn Chua (JACK YANG) goes deep undercover to sift out the complex web of players in this organisation and bring down its hidden mastermind, while veteran Cheong Guan Meng (BERNARD TAN) takes over the reins during Glenn’s absence to lead the members: tech expert Norah Rahmat (FADHILAH SAMSUDIN), parkour expert Dynesh Krishnan (DEVARAJAN VARADARAJAN), gung ho valiant Matthew Yong (DARRYL YONG), with the support of their boss Calvin Wong and Home Team liaison Kara Yeo (JAYMEE ONG). New member, ASP Sophie Thomas (LIV LO), from the CID Anti-Vice department joins the team, and CID Intel Officer Victor de Cruz (DESMOND TAN) takes over guardianship of his nephew, Jonah.

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